Discover the Ease and Convenience of Omlitt
August 10 2022

Discover the Ease and Convenience of Omlitt

There’s a new mobile app on the market and it’s called Omlitt!

If you’re a service provider and are looking for something to keep your business organized and your clients happy, then Omlitt might just be for you!

When Omlitt was built, it was created with hairstylists in mind that have started their own businesses out of their homes since Covid. Many brought their talents inward and started seeing their clients out of their homes or in rented spaces, to save money, be independent of a brick-and-mortar branded salon business, and be able to be more flexible with their schedules.

What we found was stylists loved the flexibility that having a home business afforded them but they were relying on texting and calls exclusively for their bookings. They were spending too much time on their phones booking, rescheduling, and taking consults and questions – cutting into their time behind the chair and even into their family time.

Omlitt makes it easy for hair professionals to communicate with their clients, allows their clients to book appointments without any interaction from the stylist, sends push notifications and appointment reminders to their clients, and more!

The setup is simple so you can set your schedule, show pricing, offer products you may sell, and even track your reports. At the end of the day, the week, the month – you can run reports to track your sales, expenses, and revenue.

Imagine this – you’re a hairstylist working out of your home with longtime clients that have been coming to you for years. You’ve gotten adept at juggling the texts trying to find a common time for the service your client wants, trying to set time aside for the family, and trying to remember afternoons are for your kid’s baseball games. With Omlitt, you can set up a calendar with open times when you want them, have other times shown unavailable when you need to be somewhere else with the kids and are able to focus on your clients in the chair instead of retrieving texts or sending reminders to your clients of their upcoming service.

Of course, don’t just take our word for it! Try Omlitt, FREE, for 30 days, and fall in love with the convenience and ease of it. Give it to all your clients and watch your bookings increase! You can download it for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Mobile app for Independent Hair Stylists

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